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Inqy: Peco to Give 45-Day Notice to Encampment

Over the weekend, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Peco will take additional steps in August to get remaining campers to leave the area next to the Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown.

In a July 29 article, the Inquirer reported:

The energy utility has spent the last two months collaborating with anti-homelessness advocates to devise a plan that prioritized the needs of the people living in tents on the 3,000 feet of Peco-owned land along the Schuylkill River Trail — a process that advocates praised for its respectfulness and generosity.

Next month, Peco will post signs advising people on the property that they must move within 45 days — which advocates called a more-generous time frame than is usually given by private property owners seeking to sweep an encampment. In some cases, property owners don’t give notice at all.

The majority of the 15 people living on the site have already left, though about six remain, said Mark Boorse, director of program development at Access Services, a county-funded nonprofit that operates a homelessness outreach program. His organization has worked to relocate people since May — to a county shelter, among other locations — and plans to continue working with the remaining six.

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