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Momentum Builds with Vote for 60 Units

For the first time, supporters outnumbered the nimbys and helped provide the necessary political backing for a unanimous vote Tuesday night by the Upper Gwynedd Board of Commissioners that moves an affordable housing development one step closer to reality.

We built a winning coalition of retirees, renters, cyclists, single parents, elected and former elected local officials, and more --- in other words, All of Us. After nearly four hours of public comment last night, the proposed 60-unit Walters Group development of affordable housing moves forward to land development review. Under the plan, 56 of the units would be rented to households with income ranging between $44,000 and $66,000.

Make no mistake about it, this is a major victory that could help establish a model for more municipalities in Montgomery County to take bold and necessary action to alleviate our current affordable housing crisis.

Local Leadership + Political activism and groundwork = Potential gains

Thank you to the five Democratic members of the Board of Commissioners, as well as everyone who showed their support at the meeting – either through public comment or during a peaceful demonstration before the meeting.

From left: "The Doms" and Jane Pekol show their support. Emma Hertz, CEO of Health Spark, cuts to the chase about detractors' motivations with her sign, joining Mike Hays.

A local recap of the proceeding can be read on The Reporter’s website. (paywall proof version --

Reporter article 8.23.23
Download DOCX • 308KB

A full recording of the proceeding can be accessed through the township’s live stream.

Please stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in a community near you!

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