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Evictions Rising in Montco

Montgomery County’s eviction rate is as high as Philadelphia’s.

In March, 700 families or individuals were evicted from their dwellings in Montco, according to Princeton University’s Eviction Lab. Of course, that horrible stat is driven by the soaring price of room and board. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, rents have gone up by 25 percent in the borough of Norristown. That’s according to Eviction Lab Director Carl Gershenson, who spoke at our April 29 rally.

The rate of evictions – that is the number of evictions per 100 renters – is 7 percent in both Montco and Philly. Our rate, and the trauma it imposes on the less fortunate, is sure to rise in the coming weeks because Emergency Rent & Utility Assistance ended on April 1.

In Norristown, the eviction rate is double the countywide rate at 14 percent. On average, across the country, half of all evictions are of Black households. Affordable housing is one issue of public importance at the intersection of inequality, economic justice, and racism.

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