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In 6 Days

"The formative aspect of politics requires public spaces that gather citizens together, enable them to interpret their condition, and cultivate solidarity and civic engagement."

-- Michael Sandel

Planning and organizing Saturday’s rally over the past 10 weeks with my partner in crime, Deborah Brown, has brought back a lot of happy memories from the activism of my 20s. I am reminded that the work we do together in pursuit of a better future is one of life’s best gifts – and one that costs nothing.

As the late Congressman John Lewis said, let’s get into some “good trouble” by highlighting solutions to Montgomery County’s growing crisis of affordable housing and homelessness. We have posters made and ready-to-go, speakers finalized, and a handful of service organizations slated to table at our event. Our goal is to get more people off the sidelines and engaged on this issue with their elected leaders.

All we need is you!

Debbie and I at The Montco 30% Project hope to see you on the county courthouse steps in Norristown (across the street from One Montgomery Plaza) at 1 p.m. on April 1st.

Thank you,

Mike Hays and Deborah Brown

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Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks
Apr 01, 2023

Here in Lower Merion, affordable housing is actively oposed. Any modicum of density, sure. But some are bold enough to oppose affordable housing itself, claiming it will ruin the schools. Yep, you heard right. I think we need some real on-the-ground facts showing that schools with a large apartment population have not suffered as far as quality. Also things that disprove the folks that claim density creates insurmountable traffic issues. Less an issue with TOD too.

Mike Hays
Mike Hays
Apr 11, 2023
Replying to

Good points, Justin. I lived in Ardmore and heard similar opposition from a few. Keep up the pressure!

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