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Local, State Electeds Convene Around Policy

With representation from across the county’s diverse municipalities, Montco 30% Project led a discussion last week about housing policy solutions at the local and state levels that can help rein in runaway housing costs. 

Featuring presentations from State Rep. Napoleon Nelson, as well as Lower Merion Commissioner Anthony Stevenson and Assistant Planning Director Charles Doyle, approximately 50 attendees listened to policy prescriptions ranging from “granny flats” and tiny homes to inclusionary zoning and the requirement that all municipalities plan for housing residents of all income levels (CHAMP Act). Several of these can be found on our “resources” page.

State Rep. Napoleon Nelson (D-154th) engages with the crowd at UCC Ascension.

Everyone was asked to take one or two of the ideas discussed back to their home municipality for possible Board/Council implementation.  Below you will find a two-page summary of the major points (kudos to volunteer Doug Slick), as well as Mike Hays's presentation slides.

Montco Forum summary (1)
Download DOCX • 20KB

Housing Policy Forum slides
Download PPTX • 1.93MB

Lower Merion Commissioner Anthony Stevenson (left) begins his remarks at the Housing Policy Forum. Charles Doyle, assistant township planner (right)..

To start the evening, we asked guests to write on a Post-It note either a 10-year goal for their municipality or something their town is known for. A few of their submissions are below: 

We plan on keeping the conversation going and encouraging action to address our housing needs. 

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