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Norristown Protest Recap

ICYMI, below you’ll find news articles from last night, the full Norristown Council meeting recording, and a letter-to-the-editor that Mike co-authored with Montco Prothonotary Noah Marlier.

My thoughts on the night?

As I told Ravina: “I think all in all it was a somewhat productive meeting,” Hays told MediaNews Group. “I feel like a lot of people had a chance to vent and that includes the council president, that includes a lot of people who spoke during public comment, and what I hope comes out of this is all of us pushing toward the same goals and pushing for more affordable housing, finding solutions for the homeless, and I think if everyone contributes, if everyone comes to the table, we could definitely get it done.”

A lot of work – within and between all levels of government, houses of worship, and service organizations – will be required to come up with humane, sustainable and just solutions.

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