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PA Rep from Montco Introduces Rent Control Bill

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Rent control, anyone?

House Bill 506, whose main sponsor is Rep. Nancy Guenst, would limit rent increases across Pennsylvania. If approved, it would limit annual rental increases on apartments and other residential units to 5% percent, plus inflation (up to a maximum of 10%). Newer apartments, with occupancy permits issued within the last 15 years, would be exempted.

We would like to thank Representatives Izzy Smith-Wade-El, Melissa Cerrato, Napoleon Nelson, and a handful of others for co-sponsoring this HB 506, along with Rep. Guenst. The bill has been referred to the Housing & Community Development Committee for consideration.

Please encourage your Montgomery County state representative to sign onto this bill! It will help people fight housing inflation and remain in their homes. Contact information for other Montgomery County representatives are below. Not sure who your representative is? Search here by address. The below Montco reps have NOT signed on at this time:

  • Rep. Matt Bradford - (610) 270-1150

  • Rep. Tim Briggs - (610) 768-3135

  • Rep. Joe Ciresi - (484) 200-8265

  • Rep. Mary Jo Daley - (610) 832-1679

  • Rep. Liz Hanbidge - (610) 277-3230

  • Rep. Steve Malagari - (267) 768-3671

  • Rep. Ben Sanchez - (215) 517-6800

  • Rep. Greg Scott - (833) 821-1759

  • Rep. Joe Webster - (484) 200-8258

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